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Since the beginning we had a vision of providing a simple but yet fashionable and elegant solution for all the ladies out there forced to put their exclusive handbags on the floor when dining on restaurants or meeting friends at a café.


Its always the same when you arrive to a space for your handbag, and who wants to put their Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi under the table or on the floor?


Your bag deserves better! After a trip to the french riviera, our dream had come true..a dream of designing and creating a exclusive and strong product at the size of a coin!


We deliver our baghangers to private persons, boutiques and luxury hotels all over the world. Welcome with your order!


Tack Baghanger Sweden!
ÄNTLIGEN har jag hittat en lösning på mina problem. Jag kan I N T E lägga ner min Louis Vuittonväska på marken och har tidigare behövt lägga den på en extra stol. Nu kan jag bara plocka upp min hängare och hänga den på bordskanten. Det ser snyggt ut och jag älskar min baghanger!


Your baghanger are so beautiful in rosé or silver and its really good quality too! I always keep it in my handbag, ready to flip it up when i am at the restaurant! Is so small and its genious! LOVE IT!


Jag köpte tre Baghanger till min tjej och hon har aldrig tidigare blivit så glad för en present. Hon använder den princip varje dag nu! Rekommenderar varmt er Baghanger...den perfekta presenten!
Stort tack!



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